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Excuses Excuses Excuses!!Dallas Energy Efficient Products is the worst company ever.

They do not care about their customers in the least bit, yet they give you the impression they do until you sign their *** "contract" and give them a deposit. To start out the lady that answers their phone is solely there to answer the phone, it seems like she is the only other employs besides the owner Gregg Grahm, and she is a complete *** and can not and will not give you ANY information besides that her boss is not there (never seems to be) and she doesnt know where he is or when he will be back, but she would be happy to take a message!! Second, they went out of town, yes he told me he was going out of town, but failed to mention that his entire company (he and his *** receptionist) was going to be closed for two weeks. and he gave me the wrong dates of when he would be gone.

he told me that he would have the installer come out and measure, and so i was calling to check on that to see when he was coming, and talked to what i found out 2 weeks later was an answering service. I left a message every day, and she sounded exactly like the bright receptionist that Gregg Grahm has saying i dont know where he is or when he will be back, all i can do is take a message, so that went on for 2 weeks me calling every day, i even asked if he was out of town or anything, or if there was an emergency and thats why they were not returning or taking my calls. then I finally got a call form the receptionist, and for once she did more then take a freakign message, she got the installer to call me and i talked to him about coming out to measure my windows, i would be thankful later that i saved his number, because this stoner installer guy is more help than anyone else at Dallas Energy Efficient Products. SO FINALLY Gregg Grahm called me with a bunch of excuses...

and said he had to come by to get my 30% deposit and would then order my windows, and they would be in with in two weeks. about a week later i called him to check status and was hoping that they could come install that weekend because the installer told me the windows really only take a week and a half, and Gregg said they really werent going to be in until the two weeks was up, that was fine with me. he then informed me that instead of the single hung windows i ordered he upgraded me at his own expense to dual hung windows (ones i did not want) and they was a tax credit, which he said the other ones that i actually wanted were a tax credit as well. This to me sounded like he f-ed up and was trying to make an excuse and cover his mess up.

dont you think you would check with your customer before you changed their product?? So anyways he told me that great news and that they couldnt install on a saturday but more great news they were going to do it on Sunday! Yipee, just want to do on a sunday. But to get these freaking windows in i would do anything.

so he said they could come install them Sunday morning, and he would hav et installer call me to confirm. so a week goes by and its now Friday before they are supposed to come out. I call the office, and i think the same answering service answered and knew nothing and would not ge tthe owner on the phone. i asked if they had an emergency and had to get him on the phone how would they do it and she said she had no phone number for him, but she could give me a fax!!!!

haha, i said so if there was an emergency you would FAX him???? and where exactly would that go?!?! so i hung up, and called the installer. Suprisingly he had no clue he was supposed to come out on Sunday and then informed me that my windows were not in and wouldnt be in until the following week!!

i told him that would not work and he said he would call the manufacturer to check, and they actually were in and he said he would fit me in. so i them called Gregg Grahm after digging through all my past calls in my phone and finding his cell number, and informed him of this, and it was excuse after excuse after excuse.

I then told him they better show up on Sunday and that he did not run a profesional business at all and that i was so angry that i could not speak to him any more at the moment, i couldnt listen to any more excuses, told him i would never ever use them again and i was highly unsatisfied.he didnt seem to care.

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As the owner of DEEP I would like to share my views of this review.First I did share with her and her husband that I would be out of the country and would call when I got back which I did.

The windows were made and installed within the contractual agreement. I did upgrade the glass system to tax credit approved glass to try to satisfy her at my expense which only saved her more. Only person to complain in over two years. I don't feel this is a fair review.

Review Angie's list to see current reviews.Gregg

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